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Patchwerk I - July 2011 (with Pushead)

From Arrested Motion:

Thursday afternoon at the Toy Tokyo booth at San Diego Comic Con was the event many Pushead fans have been waiting months for. Alongside Pushead was Mike Sutfin as well as the elusive Aaron Horkey, whose first Comic Con appearance was shrouded in secrecy until two days prior to the event.

The event marked the release of three new prints from Horkey, one being the silkscreen print HOARFROST (previewed HERE) and the other two being giclees which are collaborations with Pushead (one of which was a mystery release and not available at the signing).

Patchwerk I, one of the two giclees referenced above, is shown here.  My copy is an AP edition, which includes an additional acetate overlay of the original ink.  The last image shows the overlay on top of the print, giving it a purplish hue.  

For fans of either Aaron or Pushead, be sure to check out their upcoming Hyperstoic show in NYC.  Who knows what surprises might be in store?